About Us


Natural Organics 4U was created out of a desire to assist those who experience discomfort and pain in their joints and muscles and desire a product that won’t compromise their immune system by including toxins and chemicals.


Those who suffer from many different problems in their joints, especially immunocompromised; those who are trying to live a more holistic approach, athletes, massage therapists and those simply watching what they’re putting into their body – our products aim to assist you with that.


Natural Organics 4U’s scientifically created formulas are undoubtedly beneficial for and quickly reduce pain from a wide range of conditions, including ankles, arthritis, back, chest, feet, hands, joints, knees, legs, muscles, neuropathy, tendonitis and so much more.


As Natural Organics 4U works to ensure that the body and mind receive the necessary healing while avoiding harmful chemicals, we also have skincare creams and hair elixirs, which are designed for both men and women that aid with acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, dry and itchy scalp, and tattoo healing.


Warning: Some people, especially children, may be harmed by the essential oils found in our products. If you have a medical problem, are pregnant, nursing, or plan to purchase something for someone else who does. Although we would love to win your business, your health is our top priority so please consult your doctor before using any of our products.

So with creating our first product Pain Be Gone Joint and Muscle Pain Ointment we wanted to expand from there to bring you more products to help you in many other areas of need.

Natural Organics 4U products are definitely helpful for joint pain, muscle pain that everyday individuals face rather it be from ailments in the body, pain from your job, pain from exercising, athletes, dancers and it’s even great for massage therapist, those who are in physical therapy, suffering from arthritis or would like fast tattoo healing.

We also have products that are great for aromatherapy, dry skin, itchy scalp, pain management and stress relief. Our products are 100% Natural and Organic and we strive to ensure that the body and mind receive the necessary healing while avoiding harm.


Our products contain essential oils that can cause harm to some individuals and children.
Please, consult your doctor if you or those who you may purchase for has a medical condition or if you are pregnant and/or nursing to make certain you’re able to use any of them including our candles.